Commitment to environment

We are well aware of the responsibility toward environmental protection, and we are committed to minimizing the impact on environment in all forms.

Sustainability has been rooted in our company, which are reflected in:

01 Materials

-Organic cotton, with GOTS/OCS certification. The GOTS/OCS are leading the world standards for organic fibres, which make the high standard environment criteria covering the entire supply chain of production.

-Choose Recycled fabric with GRS(Global Recycled Standard).

-Choose Lenzing Modal®, which is protected by a global certification system.


Up-to-date Technology


With updated technology, a short bath ratio machine helps to save more water. We strive for clean environment with sustainable wastewater treatment.


Improving energy efficiency is a valuable step for sustainable.

technology technology

Our responsibility


We strive to make sure that our workers work in a safe and respectful workplace. And we are committed to provide a better environment for our associates, where they can play an important role with their skills, experiences and background.

Intellectual Property

We understand the value of and the risk to the Intellectual Property and would show our full respect to the work of original creators, including but not limited to the design and information.

Social Responsibility

We do business in a responsible way, and we’d like to do business with companies that share the same value around ethics, integrity and human rights.